Let‘s Talk, Portsmouth!

Portsmouth Community Concerts Presents Sons of Serendip

April 8, 2022

Portsmouth Community Concerts brings the Sons of Serendip to Churchland High School Friday, April 22, 2022. In this issue of Let's Talk Portsmouth, we sat down with lead vocalist Micah Christian, and members of the Portsmouth Community Concerts board Ken Woolard and Susan Kalan, for a discussion on the Sons of Serendip's music, upcoming concerts, and more. Sons of Serendip appeared on America's Got Talent and were season 9 finalists. Howie Mandel of America's Got Talent, said of the vocal/instrumental quartet, ". . . most musically talented contestants on the show." Just for our listeners, we've snagged a snippet of the Sons of Serendip's Fields of Gold. Single adult tickets for the concert are $25 each and free for students. Order tickets at www.portsmouthcommunityconcerts.com or call 757-686-5447.


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