Let‘s Talk, Portsmouth!

Book Bans & Challenges in the 21st Century

June 17, 2022

Book bans, challenges, and book burnings have made the news all throughout the world and in American history. In 2021, the American Library Association (ALA) received 729 reports of book challenges – a rate which the ALA called unprecedented. In this issue of Let's Talk Portsmouth, we spoke with three professional librarians about the recent uptick in book bans and challenges. Lisa Varga, executive director for the Virginia Library Association; Alexander Grosby, programming and outreach librarian with the Portsmouth Public Library system and Easter DiGangi, manager of library systems and support services also with the Portsmouth Public Library formed our panel for this discussion. This lengthy conversation is filled with wisdom from the ages. If you believe in and value your First Amendment Rights, you're going to find this discussion quite interesting. 

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